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Immigration Evaluations

In collaboration with your attorney or paralegal, the clinical evaluation is conducted to gather and provide evidence for a legal immigration case to document the psychological health of a client as well as the emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial impact of deportation demonstrating their need to stay in the United States. 

Please note that current or previous therapy clients will be referred to an outside psychotherapist to complete the evaluation. 

Accepting Clients for Immigration Evaluations for August 2024.

Extreme Hardship Waiver

Extreme Hardship Waivers are given to immigrants who have remained in the United States without permission. The application is submitted by a family member that is a legal U.S. Citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the United States that would experience extreme hardship if they are separated from or forced to relocate with the non-citizen immigrant. 

Vawa Evaluation

​Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides non-citizen immigrants, regardless of gender, with a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident spouse, children, or parent to file a petition to remain in the United States without the abuser’s knowledge. The non-citizen immigrant must provide factual information (i.e. police report) that proves the suffering of the violence and domestic abuse. 

Asylum Evaluation

Asylum is an application that must be completed with your lawyer within one year of arriving to the U.S. if you seek protection for yourself (including spouse and children) due to suffering or thinking you might suffer persecution in your country of origin. The types of persecution suffered could be related to race, religion, nationality, being a member of a social group, and/or due to having a political opinion.

U-Visa & T-VISA

U-Visa is a non-immigrant visa given to victims of a crime (and their immediate family members) while in the United States. T-Visa is specifically for victims of human trafficking crimes. The undocumented individual is also willing to work together with law enforcement and the government with the investigation process of the criminal activity that caused them physical or mental suffering. U.S. authorities protect the victim during this process.

Process and Fees

  1. Two 90-minute Interview Appointments with the person being evaluated scheduled within two weeks of one another.

  2. Follow-Up Telephone Communication regarding any missing information from the interview. 

  3. Collateral Communication with the attorney/paralegal on the case.

  4. The written draft will be sent to the attorney/paralegal to cross-reference and confirm information (i.e. dates and names).

  5. A copy of the finalized evaluation will be mailed to the attorney/paralegal and another copy will be sent to the client.

​Please Note: Written consent to communicate with the attorney/paralegal on the case is required in order to complete the evaluation. Please consult with an attorney regarding the type of evaluation that is recommended for your case and whether or not one is required for your case. Also, rescheduling/canceling appointments may delay the turnaround time for the evaluation. Typically, evaluations are completed in 4-5 weeks.

Immigration Evaluation Fee: $1000
3 Week Additional Rush Fee: $250 ($1250=$1000+$250)
2 Week Additional Rush Fee: $450 ($1450=$1000+$450)


Rush Service depends upon availability,

please discuss your turnaround needs with your provider

in order to ensure that they can be met prior to starting the evaluation process.

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