Our Work

We strive to provide therapeutic services, education, and goods that are trauma-informed and challenge mental health stigma. We believe that by creating a therapeutic environment that feels both safe and familiar, an authentic connection, and the use of holistic and evidence-based tools we can bring about healing to individuals and to the community.


The core values of accessibility, cultural competence and sensitivity, and holistic wellness are based on the needs of the community and the individuals that we serve. In recognition of our clients' different walks of life, values, and goals, we move at their pace, while challenging and encouraging them on their paths to mental wellness.


Our name, Flor Y Siendo, is a play on the Spanish word floreciendo for 'blooming'. Flor has several meanings: 'a flower', 'to bloom', 'to blossom'; it represents the goal of healing and growth. Siendo means 'being'; it represents the process and state of being across the lifespan, the trauma and the healing.


Our name stands with our belief that the healing journey is ongoing and that in simply being we hold the gifts and wisdom within ourselves.

Our logo, by artist Mariana Gomez, not only represents our practice but also how we see the human experience. 


Heart: foundation that allows us to show up for ourselves each day


Flowers: our growth 


Roots: our history

Plants: our support systems


Sun:  our wisdom

Arched Window: our liberation