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CA LMFT No. 110005


With a click of a button you made a choice, and not an easy one. You took a step towards calming those thoughts, healing those wounds and finding the joy you thought you lost.

Just sit with that thought for a minute...

"I already took the first step."

Therapy can be a space where you can:

reconnect with yourself

embrace all your sensibilities and the wisdom you already hold inside 

​use that wisdom to heal and love yourself so much that you too can see the strong and beautiful person you've always been

with someone by your side challenging you and supporting you.

Childhood Trauma

You're an adult who experienced abuse and repeated and/or prolonged exposure to fear and instability beginning in childhood and find yourself affected by feelings, memories or sensations related to your childhood experiences that are impacting your everyday and your sense of self. You're ready to heal that child part of yourself can make space for your adult self to heal and thrive.

Sexual TRauma

You’re finding that sense of safety and relationships is somehow connected to your experience(s) of sexual assault, abuse, molestation, rape, or incest. Although the abuse has ended, it might feel like it is happening all over again and lost a part of yourself. You're ready to feel whole again and reconnect with yourself beyond this experience.

First-Gen Women

You might be the first in your family, the first to live in this country, to go to college, to have a professional career, to do things differently. You may find yourself stretched thin trying to navigate familial expectations and your own dreams. You're ready to firmly step out into your own path and live it with self-compassion and with authenticity.


You recently moved, got a new job, went back to school, had a change in your family, the list goes on and it isn't what you expected. Life changes can mean new beginnings and also loss which can also make it hard. You're finding that you need some support settling into this new stage of life. You're ready to figure out what is making it hard, how to overcome it and set you up to be your best self in this new chapter of your life.

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If there is an emergency such as physical abuse, homicidal or suicidal thoughts and/or actions, 
Call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room

National Suicide Prevention Hotline call or text 988


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